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Data & Resources on Entrepreneurial Finance

Venture Capital and Small Business Finance

Survey of Consumer Finances (conducted by US Federal Reserve Board)
Survey of Small Business Finances (in US)
VentureXpert (Data on Venture and Buyout deals)
National Venture Capital Association (in US)
Angel Capital Association (in US)
Kauffman Foundation's Angel Investor Performance Project
European Venture Capital Association
Indian Venture Capital Association
Josh Lerner's Website has numerous links and resources on Private Equity
MIT Sloan's Entrepreneurial Finance course (available through MIT's Opencourseware)
TheFunded.com (Research, Ratings and Reviews of funding sources)


US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ( Bank Data and Statistics)
US Federal Reserve Board of Governers
US Federal Reserve Survey of Terms of Lending (data on loan terms)
DealScan (data on loan contracts)
Reserve Bank of India

Stock Exchanges

International Stock Exchanges and Stock Exchange-Related data
US Securties and Exchange Commission (Public Filings for IPOs available through EDGAR)
Securities and Exchange Board of India

Macro Financial Indictors

Demeriguc-Kunt and Levine's Book which has the World Bank's Financial Structure Database on a CD
Bank of International Settlements (BIS)
IMF International Financial Statistics
Global Finacial Data (Historical Financial Data going back to 1600s)

Individual- and Firm-Level Micro Data (related to Entrepreneurship)

US Data

LRD and LBD (panel micro data from US Census Bureau- require federal clearance)
However, County Business Patterns has aggregated firm size data from the LBD available online
Self Employment Data and Characteristics of Business Owners Survey from US Census Bureau
Entrepreneurship Facts and Data from US Small Business Administration
Bureau of Labor Statistics (Self-Employment data from Current Population Survey; also NLS)
Corptech (Public and Private Companies in 'Technology' Industries)
Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics
Panel Study of Income Dynamics (has Data on whether respondent is Self-Employed)
Survey of Income and Program Participation (has data on self-emploment earnings)
SESTAT (Database on US Scientists and Engineers collected by the NSF)
SPEC (Stanford Project on Emerging Companies)
Kauffman Firm Survey (panel data on ~ 5000 businesses founded in 2004)
Business Plan Archive (Business Plans and related documents from dot com era)
Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity

International Data

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor
AMADEUS (for European company financials)
Statistics Denmark
British Household Panel Survey
Center for Monitoring the Indian Economy - CMIE (see Prowess and FirstSource)
Annual Survey of Industries and Economic Census in India, compiled by Central Statistical Office
NASSCOM and STPI for data on Indian Software and Services Industry

Innovation-Related Data

Major Innovations from 1600 - today (and cross-country technology adoption from 1880)
Jacob Schmookler's book on invention and economic growth has historical historical data on invention
US Patent Office
NBER Patent Database
Indian Patent Database ; also searchable by inventor
Innovations in Emerging Markets (Blog by World Bank and IFC Researchers)

Other Useful Resources

Kauffman Foundation (Entrepreneurship related resources and data)
WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services)

NBER data
World Bank Research Datasets
Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship (Harvard Business School)
Resources for Economists on the Internet (hosted by American Economics Association)
Creative Capitalism blog (Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and several economists)
IndiaStat (Lots of useful data on India - though not always comprehensive)